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Raisa Punkki Photo by: Pak Han

Raisa Punkki
Photo by: Pak Han

Roadmap 2015-2025

San Francisco-based choreographer Raisa Punkki and Finnish film director Pauliina Punkki will debut the third installment of a ten-year project, “Roadmap 2015-2025” at the San Francisco International Arts Festival; with nods to Virginia Woolf and Gloria Steinem, A Room (Of Our Own) is a live performance where movement, film and art collaborate on what it means to be female: it will feature 4 dancers along with a cinematic manifestation “Hahmo” who insinuates itself into the narrative to observe and interact.

Thursday, June 1, 8pm; Saturday June 3, 9:30pm; Sunday, June 4, 2pm



A Room (Of Our Own) is an investigation into what it means to be a woman based on memories, pictures, ideas and molds that we either are trying to fit or escape. “The idea that women are mysteries is a myth,” say the sisters. “It’s more a matter of not being listened to or heard. Matka is the Finnish word for journey, and this is a documentation of the feminine, how society regards it, and what happens as we pass through the seasons of our lives.”

For A Room (Of Our Own) three other important collaborators have been added to the mix, lighting designer, Maria Ros Palmklint (Sweden), cinematographer Jarmo Kiuru  (Finland) and Aaron M. Gold (Bay Area). In addition to the 4 live performers—Mihyun Lee, Fanni Miettinen, Meegan Hertensteiner and Raisa Punkki—the narrative will include Hahmo, best described as a “cinematic manifestation” who emerges in the narrative to observe and interact with the live performers.

  • Roadmap is supported by San Francisco Arts Commission and Irma Stormbom Foundation. In collaboration with City of Tornio, Finland, City of Haparanda, Sweden, Fort Mason Center and San Francisco International Arts Festival, USA.
  • A Room of Our Own is the 3rd piece of work in the “Roadmap 2015-2025” series. The first production was To Do, a dance film shot in Northern Karelia at the Russian Border in 2015. Passage was a combination of live performances and film made in Lappland in both Finland and Sweden. “Roadmap 2015-2025” will happen each year in a different country.
2/10 Passage film

‘Passage’ – Film (2016) Jutta Annala, Raisa Punkki Photo by Pauliina Punkki



Fanni Miettinen Photo by: Pak Han

‘A Room (Of Our Own)’ (2017) Fanni Miettinen 
Photo by  Pak Han

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